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Breastfeeding and Fermented Protein?

For hundreds of years people around the world have been eating fermented foods. So what are they, and why should it concern you as a mom who breastfeeds?

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First of all fermentation is a conversion of carbohydrates into organic acids or alcohol by Microbes or enzymes. Now you might be thinking what the what, what???     Well hold on, allow me to explain.

Organic acids (and alcohol) are effective preservatives. Which is why hundreds of years ago long before refrigeration our ancestors used fermentation to preserve their food.

Through this process they discovered that fermentation not only improved the texture, flavor, and nutritional value of the food, but it also reduced cooking time and reduced toxicity.

We have now discovered that there are incredible health benefits that go along with fermentation.

80% of our overall health starts from our GUT!……. Wow!

Fermentation improves our digestion, which improves our nutrition, protects us from those nasty pathogens, prevents allergies and boosts our immune systems.

If we support our immune system, we are supporting our entire body.


It has now been found that babies are born with a sterile digestive system. While in utero, they don’t need gut bacteria for the breakdown of food as all nourishment comes from mom. During the birth process, the baby’s digestive system begins to colonize bacteria based on themother’s existing bacteria (good or bad!).

Baby’s bacteria further develops during breastfeeding thanks to certain strains of immune boosting beneficial bacteria found only in breastmilk. Since the baby depends on the birth process and on breastmilk for this balance of bacteria, it makes sense that babies born naturally and then breastfed have lower rates of eczema, allergies, and illness.

Can you guess what I’m about to say next?

Fermentation promotes healthy gut bacteria enabling it to fight the bad bacteria. It is swimming with pro and prebiotics.

Babies born by cesarean or who are formula fed are not doomed from the start, but it is good for parents to be aware of this need for probiotic bacteria and consider supplementation and natural sources. Most hospitals administer pre and probiotics to babies now before they are released and taken home with Mom.

If you are a breastfeeding mom it only makes sense to get as much fermented food into your diet as possible.

Now we don’t expect you to sit around eaing sauerkraut and drinking komucha all day long (unless of course you want to), but what we do recommend is that you drink the only Fermented, and the BEST Protein on the Planet!

Which leads us here to Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins+



At Power Stroller we strongly recommend adding protein powder into your daily smoothies!

Protein is not only in our muscles, but it’s also in our hair, our nails, our skin, and each of our internal organs. We need protein to remain strong, and healthy!

Often when our body is lacking in protein our hair will feel dry, and our nails will become weak and brittle. If you are noticing any of these symptoms do a self check. Are you getting enough protein in your daily diet? 


If the answer is no here are some delicious Recipes to help get you started.

Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins+ is predigested! This is fantastic news if you have a sensitive tummy. No more bloating, or feeling like you have a brick sitting in your stomach after you finish your favorite smoothie.

Are you ready to begin filling the nutritional gaps for you and baby? Order yours today.





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