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We are thrilled to share with you our new affiliation with Freshii London.  Looking for a super healthy meal plan, to save you time, and take the guess work out of planning? They have one for you with their nutritious and Dee-licious meal boxes. The best part is they have one that follows Power Strollers nutrition plan!
Now you can stop wondering if you are getting everything you need to meet your daily requirements and start knowing that you are! At Power Stroller we understand the importance of Genuine, Healthy Living. It begins with a solid foundation of healthy eating. Freshii’s motto, “Eat. Energize.”  falls right inline with our nutrition philosophy, and that’s why we are excited to offer a 10% discount to you. 


A  little bit about Freshii.

The Freshii Manifesto  

“When you are hungry and there is only a candy bar in sight, do you grab for that candy bar?

Now, imagine if between your hand and that candy bar, we placed an apple? Might you choose that apple? Our goal is simple: Freshii wants to be that apple.

Through our vision of ‘Eat. Energize.’ Freshii is focused on providing fresh and nutritious meal choices that energize people on the go.”

So you can drop into the beautiful One London Place Freshii location for a quick lunch or juice or the new location coming soon to Masonville Place.  Just let them know you are from Power Stroller to receive the 10% discount.  OR you can take advantage of their amazing Meal Box Program.  What IS the Meal Box Program you ask. “The Freshii Meal Box is your one-stop shop to a full day of healthy eating. It is a meal plan service that eliminates shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning so that you can get on with your busy lifestyle. Every box includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.
Choose from a 1, 3, 5 or 30 day program tailored to suit your dietary mission: bulking up, slimming down, eating clean or gluten-free.”


Four different Meal box Options are available one a 1, 3, 5 or 30 day plan.  

Clean Box

Clean Box
1700 – 1900 calories
Designed for mindful eaters or those looking to clean up their diet.

Meals and snacks are made up of whole foods that are nutrient dense and minimally processed.

Three different day options available.  


Slim Box

1200 – 1600 calories

Designed for maximum weight loss with minimal deprivation.

Meals and snacks focus on lean protein and high fibrefoods that are low in calories and carbohydrates.





Bulk Box

2400 – 2800 calories
Designed for the everyday athlete, this box provides the optimal macronutrient balance to fuel high performance

workouts and build muscle.

Meals and snacks are high in calories, protein, and complex carbohydrates.




Gluten-Free Box

1500 – 1800 calories

Designed for those who are gluten intolerant.

Meals and snacks rely on wheat and gluten free ingredients,

while providing the appropriate balance of macronutrients to fuel your busy day.





How the Meal Box Program Works

Choose the program that is best for you.
Step 2
Sign up for the Freshii Meal Box by bringing a COMPLETED ORDER FORM to your local Freshii.
Email mealbox@freshii.com with questions.
Step 3
Pick up your Meal Box once daily. Interested in home or office delivery?
Inquire with your local Freshii.
Step 4
Eat. Energize. with your Freshii Meal Box!


Choose a program that is best for you!

1 Day $40.00
3 Day $118.00
5 Day $190.00 (best value)
30 Day $1050.00

You can always check out their MENU and drop in for some Green Healthy Goodness!



Everything you take from the store either biodegrades naturally to the earth or is easily recyclable.
Shaking your meal in a biodegradable bag means we produce 5 to 7 times less of a carbon footprint than running even the most energy efficient dishwasher.
Most of our packaging is made from eco-friendly vegetable starches, like corn or potatoes. It biodegrades quickly, leaving behind only carbon dioxide, biomass, and water.
As we grow, our stores are built smaller to use less materials, use more eco-friendly materials, consume less energy, and to take less from the Earth.
Our setup is simple: no energy-hungry dishwashers, hoods, ranges or ovens.
We make use of online and mobile ordering and paperless marketing.
We use only eco-friendly, natural cleaning products.

We are inspired by Freshii’s philosophy of healthy eating, Green Mission & proud to have them as an affiliate & fortunate to be able to offer a discount to help you access viable wholesome nutrition.  Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.                                           



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