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We are thrilled to announce we are launching a NEW affiliation with The OVer Company! Stylish & Fashion Forward are just a few words to describe this amazing product.



First, let’s give you a little insight into what The OVer Co. is all about.  Launched just last year in local London Ontario, the Over Cover is an extremely versatile new mama must have. It’s popularity with mom’s nationwide and beyond is taking off like wildfire, because t’s just that great! It’s a nursing cover, stroller cover, car seat cover AND shopping cart cover ALL IN One! IMG_9029

A little history about the OVer Co.  The company was founded in 2015 by Sabrina Maulucci.  She began by making a cover to suit her very OWN needs, friends and family took notice of the terrific style of the product and the multiple ways you could incorporate it into your new, daily life with baby, Sabrina was inundated with requests for her product after a few short weeks, and just like that, The OVer Co. had begun.


“I am passionate about making life easier for the everyday mama- and the OVers I have created do just that. I know that mamas have to multitask (EACH AND EVERY DAY!) so I wanted to create a product that would be multi-use to make life easier on us! There are SO many baby gadgets out there that it is so easy to fill the diaper bag with absolutely everything when going on a simple errand…an OVer is just ONE thing to bring with you that can be used in several different ways. Use it as a carseat cover when you leave the house, use it as a shopping cart seat cover at the grocery store. Baby is hungry? No Problem! Use it as a nursing cover too! The OVers are a definite baby must have- my go-to baby shower gift! 🙂 The OVers come in trendy patterns and colours and are handmade in Canada.” Sabrina – Founder The Over Co.



We recently asked some of our current Power Mamas what they thought of the Over Co. as many of them sport them on their strollers as we run classes around the city, and here is what they said.


“I really like how light weight it is, and it’s the only cover that doesn’t fall off of me while she is nursing. I can use it as her regular stroller seat cover, a car seat cover and a highchair cover. No matter what, if I have that cover with me, I have ever surface my baby is in contact with, covered. Hands down, it’s my new baby shower go-to-gift!” Power Stroller Mama S.IMG_9030

“It’s very fashionable, every time I have used it I’ve received many compliments on it’s style and design. I also love following The Over Co. on instagram and seeing all of the cute babies in the Over Covers.” Power Stroller Mama A.



Follow the link to see a preview of the product on Toronto’s City Line


So, for all of our Power Stroller Clients, we are excited to announce you will receive an exclusive deal of 15% discount on ALL over products!  We will be giving you the details in our Closed Private FB group on how to scoop up this great offer!  In the mean time, head on over to The Over Co. and check out all of the beautiful designs, it will be hard to choose just one!  IMG_9034


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